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Tv module e60

BMW 5er E60
Themenstarteram 23. April 2018 um 17:33

Cheers to all,my name is bogdan and I have a question,if u can help me.I have an e60 520d form 2006 with CCC nav.,and I installed a small retrofit,an oem module tv.The retrofit is about 90% finalized,i need last part antenna tv for this oem module and i do not know how it looks and where i could find them.can u help me with this information,i want to finish this retrofit.I attached a small movie with my unfinished retrofit.My module tv is coded with NCs expert.thanks in advance,

















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Yes and no.

It is passive, means that it has no amplification. I am not sure how well this will work with the factory DVB-T tuner.

Also, concerning the data, it only covers Band IV to V. For Germany this would be OK.

You must check whether in Romania you also have TV channels in Band III (which is also part of DVB-T Standard).

On the other hand, a passive antenna will also receive band III, but maybe not so goo because is has a higher center frequency...

Themenstarteram 2. Mai 2018 um 12:49

I understand,an active antenna with amplifier is more better,but my only enigma is:The 12v amplifier is going from tv module,or amplifier is separate,or amplifier is on antenna himself?because I don t know further.This retrofit I mounted from this site,and here I don t see an separate amplifier,and is weird because cuz on this diagram is only one antenna on the rear window not two.Pfff.I must finish this retrofit with antenna.I thought last part antenna tv is not so important,but it seems im wrong....

The antenna is very important. But you cannot simply say this antenna is good, that one not. The antenna must match the tuner as well.

Too strong amplification can also cause reception problems.

In your list, the "antenna Booster" is the amplifier.

Antenna amps can be separately in the cable or on the antenna itself. The closer to the antenna, the better.

Themenstarteram 8. Mai 2018 um 10:16

one more question.If I place only one antenna instead 2 antenna is working,or this module want just 2 antena?I ask this because here in Romania I found DVBT AMPIRE ANT600 with fakra connetore and is too expansive than calearo.

why fakra,why fakra...I hate fakra connetore.. :|

ANT600 as far as I know needs 5V phantom power, not 12V. With other words, it could be that you burn it when you connect it to the OEM tuner....

Trying with one antenna in my opinion makes no sense. I am not even sure whether the tuner will work at all.

I have explained to you how to make your own passive antenna from coax cable. Why don't you try that?

Themenstarteram 8. Mai 2018 um 15:23

because I don t understand how to make passive antenna,i need a movie or tutorial to understand:(

Themenstarteram 22. Mai 2018 um 17:51

I found oem antenna 868mhz for my e60.I check my car,and is fit,my antenna is only radio.I need this antenna with 2 conexion green.

This antenna is also for radio or only for tv?

Themenstarteram 23. Dezember 2018 um 18:53

guys today I found a channel somewhere in Romania.I think is analogue.I love this car e60.This car is still catch tv on 2018 with oem module :)

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