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Passat 3BG 2.0 TDI BGW - Fuel injector(s) not working after maintenance

VW Passat B5/3BG
Themenstarteram 27. Juni 2018 um 18:20


Apologies for the English first!

I decided to do a fuel injector repair kit change (O rings) on my Passat B5.5, 2.0 TDI, BGW. The repair was done in a service center, which is specialized in diesel repairs, and they claimed they have done it numerous times. After some time they called me, and told me that when they mounted back the injectors, at least one is not working. They suspect that it is on the second cylinder as per computer data, but tomorrow they will bring all the injectors at another place to have them checked more precisely. They said that all the injectors were working before the repair attempt, so the question is: what could be the reason that now we have a not working one? Could it be stuck due to clogging, and in that case, could some kind of cleaning (ultra-sound?) be helpful? The other options of course are a second-hand injector, but where I live this engine is very rare, and I doubt I could find one, and of course a new injector, but I don't want even to think about the price, before every other option is tried. Before the repair attempt the fuel returned by the injectors was a little above 6 mg, while after the repair attempt it is 23 mg. which seems like some of them is stuck or clogged. As per the service center, good working injectors should return 4.7-4.9 mg, so that was one of the reasons to attempt the repair.

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am 28. Juni 2018 um 16:28

Well, thats not your problem. The injectors were working before.

But anyway: To solve the problem buy yourself a set of FOUR new injectors and have fun putting another 200k km on your car. Dont use second hand injectors. Waste of time and money as you never know if they even work.

A set of injectors cost apporx 400€. So spend those 400€ and repair the car the proper way.

Themenstarteram 28. Juni 2018 um 17:40

Here is what happened meanwhile: they sent my injectors to a specialized Bosch service, and got a reply over the phone that all four injectors are dead. As the lady over the phone was not sure what is the cause, tomorrow we will go in-person to hear what happened to the injectors, and why. It is strange to me that the car was working quite ok before the repair, with four "dead" injectors. Otherwise, the lowest price I can find locally for brand-new, original injectors is 400€ for ONE injector, which makes 1600€ for the set of four injectors - that is around half of the price of the car currently. Could you please point at an online store, where I could get original injectors for 400€ for the set?

am 29. Juni 2018 um 7:07

Youre right, Injectors are pretty expensive for your particular engine.

But you could buy refurbished ones:

Price is 150€ each.

I dont know why the injectors broke. Why did you want the shop install a injector repair kit?

Theres 2 possibilities for that

1. The injectors were broken before

2. The shop mechanic broke them

Themenstarteram 29. Juni 2018 um 12:01

Thank you! The injector from the link looks like mine from the outside, but there it is written that it is for 1.9 TDI, not for 2.0. I will search to find similar deal for 2.0, if any.

Now on the other question, I had some issues with the DPF, and after cleaning, it was OK, but read online, that there are several things which could cause it to get clogged faster. Among them were leaky injectors. So I went to the mentioned service center, and first wanted only to clean the EGR, the input manifold and the turbine, as they were not cleaned for about 80000 km., and I had recently a vacuum hose broken, so thought it is a good idea to do that cleaning. While testing the car, the mechanic said that the injectors return 6 mg. fuel instead of 4.7 mg. After the cleaning of the EGR, I asked about injector diagnose, and then he told me that those milligrams deviation could be a symptom for leaking injectors, and that the repair kit should be installed. I was a little bit hesitant, but then agreed, and that's where the issues started. They sent me then pictures of (hopefully) my injectors dismounted, and on three of them there was clearly visible that the O rings were damaged seriously, while the forth one was just deformed. They called me the same day though, to tell me that after they put the repair kit, the injectors now returned first 23 mg, then after tweaking, went back to 13 mg., but haven't reached even 6 mg. as before, and that the car has lost a lot of power - it couldn't go beyond 2000 rpm. Then they sent the injectors to a Bosch service for detailed inspection, and today we got their results that all four injectors are almost totally dead - instead of 64 mg., they inject only 14-15 mg. each. The service which did the "repair" swear that they were careful during dismounting and mounting the injectors, and that they didn't clean them with a brush, which could cause clogging. From Bosch service they said, that to their opinion this car should have had a lot of power loss even before the "repair", but I haven't observed such a thing - it could be just a minimal difference since the time I bought it, but not to the extent they describe - I could still climb slopes with car seriously loaded on 6th gear. Month ago I had a vacuum hose broken, and DPF additive exhaustion, so at that time I went through both my trusted service center (not the same as now), and through an official dealer, and they didn't find any serious issue, so I doubt that for one month all 4 injectors could suddenly die, not to mention, that they were working until the day before the repair attempt. The question is really whether the injectors were broken before, but then how come, they worked quite OK, just before the dismounting. The other option is for them to me broken during the repair, but I don't know how or if I could prove it at all.

am 29. Juni 2018 um 12:16

Yes, I only found "Pumpe Düse" Injectors for the 1.9 TDI. If thats not the same injectors as in your engine: Theres a lot of specialized companies out there for refurbishing injectors. You could give them a call.

Ok, I understand. Leaky PD-Injectors are a common problem unfortunately.

Sometimes you wont notice a power loss if the engine constantly loses power over a long time period. Because you simply get used to it.

To solve the problem I would call a few of the companies I mentioned und ask them to refurbish your injectors.

Thats the only option you have as new injectors are expensive und used ones probably have the same problems like yours (you wont find perfectly running cars at wrecking yards, theyre all there for a reason).

Themenstarteram 29. Juni 2018 um 12:26

You are right, that I could have get used to it over time, because it builds slowly, but after the repair, the car is far from the state it was right before the repair - I will be more than happy now to have it at least in the state it was before the repair, but they say now it is so powerless, that it couldn't go beyond 2000 rpm., so that to me is strange.

My trusted service center said they will try to find whether an injector from 2.0 TDI from early B6 Passats could be used as a replacement, as they are more common, and easier to find.

The only issue here is that on Sunday I should have headed on a vacation abroad with the car, and I couldn't find a solution until then. Anyway, the life goes on. Thank you!

am 22. August 2018 um 18:53

We can help for this kind of injectors repair . Please contact on Private message .

Themenstarteram 23. August 2018 um 10:23

Thank you for the offer! The injectors were repaired already, and now the car drives OK. The only thing which I could not understand still is how is it possible the car to run quite OK before the repair kit replacement, and to "die" after that. My understanding is that if the injectors were so bad, it shouldn't have worked even before the repair kit replacement. Is there anything I am missing here?

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