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the car does not start

Mercedes E-Klasse W211
Themenstarteram 18. November 2019 um 9:16

Hello my friends

it's really weird and strange

I have light in cockpit (ceiling)

the lights come on or works normally

but the car does not start

neiman or ezs do not swallow the key

i can not get the key into neiman or ezs to spin or start the car

where is the problem my friends

E220 CDI year 2002

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This is a typical French behaviour. Everybody in the world will try to talk to you in a language you understand, except France !

Even if they do understand English or even German they refuse to talk with you. They think if you come to France then speak French or go home. This is my personal ecperience in many cases as I do not speak a word of French and I got this confirmed from some French people I know.

But back to the car. You wrote that you needed to safe money for a long time to buy it. Have you saved money already to buy the parts. This might become more expensive than the car itself and it will definitely exceed the current value of it.

You wrote that "Spare parts is not available at Mercedes' mother house". What does that mean ? Almost all parts can be ordered at your local Mercedes dealer. Everything else you get on eBay.

I did ask you before what happens when you put your key in the lock or what does it mean when you write "ezs or neiman does not open / swallows the key". Do you know the meaning of the word swallow ? Can you describe it different ? Even a wrong key can be put in the EZS, you just can not turn it. So if you can nut put your key in the lock then your EZS has a mechanical problem. The EZS is married to your car and this can be done only once and forever. So if you need a new one then this must be really new and not from another car. The marriage can only be done by a Mercedes dealer. In Germany a new EZS costs about 570 € + build in + programming. So if your EZS is broken I would recommend to prepare arround 800 € to get this fixed. Then your car might start but it will still be a piece of shit.

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@burky350 schrieb am 21. November 2019 um 16:23:00 Uhr:


Ich habe teure Autos aber dafür billige Handys. Dann klappts auch mit dem IR Test.

Sehr geil :D

If those tests will not bring any valuable result, than I have to give up. At least he can try.

Er weiß nicht wie man Spannung prüft. Es fehlen also die Grundlagen. Deshalb wird es ihm auch nichts nützen wenn er weiß was kaputt ist. Er kann es sowieso nicht selbst reparieren.

Temps un conseil sur le bord: Starter pourrait être plat

Themenstarteram 21. November 2019 um 17:28

Ich habe mein Hauptvideo fragmentiert oder mein Video in mehrere Videos aufgeteilt, damit ich es senden kann (die Größe des Hauptvideos von "EZS" wurde verringert).

Ich habe mein Video von 07 Minuten in mehreren Videos von einer Minute geteilt

meine videos werden in chronologischer reihenfolge sortiert gesendet:

1 EZS 11

2 EZS 22

3 EZS 33

4 EZS 44

5 EZS 77

6 EZS 88

7 EZS 99

wir müssen die videos in reihenfolge bringen wie schon angedeutet

I fragmented my main video or I composed my video into several video so that I could send (decreased the size of the main video of "EZS"

I shared my video of 07 minutes in several video of a minute

my videos are sorted sent in chronological order:

1 EZS 11

2 EZS 22

3 EZS 33

4 EZS 44

5 EZS 77

6 EZS 88

7 EZS 99

we must put the videos in order as was already indicated

Oooohhhh... Ein Studierter... :):D;)


@corrosion schrieb am 21. November 2019 um 17:11:25 Uhr:

Temps un conseil sur le bord: Starter pourrait être plat

Und genau deshalb ist der Thread hier für...


Tut mir ja leid für den armen Kerl, und es zeichnet dieses Forum aus daß trotz völlig unwahrscheinlicher Erfolgsaussichten versucht wird zu helfen aber die Nummer ist meines Erachtens für alle Beteiligten zum scheitern verurteilt.


@MichaelV12 schrieb am 21. November 2019 um 17:06:28 Uhr:

Er weiß nicht wie man Spannung prüft. Es fehlen also die Grundlagen. Deshalb wird es ihm auch nichts nützen wenn er weiß was kaputt ist. Er kann es sowieso nicht selbst reparieren.

Themenstarteram 22. November 2019 um 8:27

hallo meine freunde

seit gestern

und seit 10:00 versuche ich hier ein video zu stellen und dank eines freundes habe ich mein video von 07 minuten auf mehrere video aufgeteilt

Ich habe noch das letzte Video und du wirst haben und du wirst alle Antworten auf deine Fragen finden

Vielen Dank an alle, die mir wirklich helfen wollen, mein Auto in Betrieb zu nehmen

Ich danke vor allem dem Herrn, der mir geholfen hat, die Bilder hierher zu bringen

Hello my friends

since yesterday

and since 10:00 am I try to put a video here and thanks to a friend I broke down my video of 07 minutes to several video

I still have the last video and you will have and you will find all the answers to your questions

Thank you to all of you who really want to help me get my car started

I thank especially the gentleman who helped me put the pictures here

We do not need a video. We fully believe that you own this piece of junk.

We also believe that you have the problem that the key can not be turned and we can imagine this behavior without video also.

The problem is that nobody can help you here from remote as your skills to do the necessary tests are too limited. Without a diagnostic computer you will not get any further except you buy a complete matching set of ECU, EZS, steering lock and key and replace all.

Just because of interest I have two questions. How did you manage to put 100.000 € in this car and it still looks like a piece of shit. What did you buy for 100.000 Euros ?

Why are you looking for parts in Germany now when you live in Algeria. I do not think that many sellers of used parts will send them to Algeria and it will also be expensive to send larger parts like a bumper. So what is your intention behind this ?

ich glaube, dass er mit den 100.000 im übertragenen Sinne sagen wollte, dass er alles tun würde um den Schrott wieder ans laufen zu bekommen.

ansonsten 100% d’accord

Hat er nicht auch geschrieben, dass das Fahrzeug mal in einem besseren Zustand war? Er dann mehrere Vorfälle hatte, bis es schlussendlich zu diesem Zustand gekommen ist?

yepp, wobei so ganz neuwertig war er wohl schon vorher nimmer ;)

Themenstarteram 22. November 2019 um 15:37

If you hold your key in very short distance in front of the door handle (infrared sensor), the door also will not open?


Themenstarteram 22. November 2019 um 16:05


Sorry for my late reply. I saw all the videos.

First of all, the red light on the key is illuminating very weak. I would expect the batteries in the key are nearly empty.

Also the key itself is in a very bad condition (taped to keep it somehow fixed together). I would imagine, the electronics inside the key might be in worse condition as well and probably the key is broken (even if the red light is visible somehow).

As a result, neither by the RC (radio controll) nor by IR (infrared) the doors are opening or closing. This is either due to a defect inside the key or due to defect of the RC system and/or IR receiver in the door handle.

Only as a result that the doors are not opening by the key, the EZS keep blocked and you can't hear the steering wheel lock nor you can turn the key in the EZS. But this is a normal behaviour of the car, as the anti theft device is still blocking the EZS, because you do not open the door with the key. So, don't worry about that at the moment.

That the lights inside the car are illuminating after you opened the door is also normal behaviour of the car. You don't need the key for the light illumation. Just opening the door will turn on the lights regularly. So, don't worry about that.

Also the properly working warning lights is normal, even without the key. The warning lights have to work in every situation. So, don't worry about that.

That the horn is not working is also a normal condition. As long as you can not turn the key in position 1 or 2 of the EZS, the horn does not work. It's correct behaviour of the car and you also do not have to worry about that.

Finally, please buy a new key or try to use the second key of the car. Please use new batteries inside the key.

If this will not bring any positive result, you probably have to repair the IR receiver in the door handle. And you need someone who is able to check the radio controlled shutter system (may be antenna of the same or whatsoever).

Here are some repair instructions with photographs for the IR receiver in German language. Please use an online translater:

As soon as you will have fixed the issues with opening the doors by the key, most probably the EZS should work normal again.

Sorry, but I have no other ideas.

Unfortunately I do not have a youtube channel. Therefore, I can't share the videos. File size is extraordinary big and I have to delete the files now from my mobile phone.

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