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SVM 8K0919475R 0070 Control Unit

Themenstarteram 16. Juni 2017 um 16:28


I have the following graphical 8 sensor back up camera control unit

Part No SW: 8K0 919 475 G HW: 8K0 919 475 A

Component: PARKHILFE 8K H06 0040

Proposed firmware update:

Part No SW: 8K0 919 475 R HW: 8K0 919 475 A

Component: PARKHILFE 8K H06 0070

I need the SVM. Does anyone have such information??


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Part No SW: 8K0 919 475 G HW: 8K0 919 475 A

Component: PARKHILFE 8K H06 0040

Revision: 11001001 Serial number: 40040904403642

Coding: 100003

Shop #: WSC 02391 823 56573

VCID: 3D7B4850A46AB16

8K0 919 475 R - 8 sensors, graphical support, rear view camera support


1. Go to module 10 - Park / Steer assist

2. Security Access - 16 -> The access code is 71679

3. [Coding – 07] --> Long Coding Helper --> Byte 0 - Bit 4 -> put Optical illustration to 'on'.


Please let me know if it also worked for your car

You don't need a SVM code, this can do only Audi and only online

die optische Anzeige ist doch beim 8Kanal-Steuergerät bereits vorhanden.

SVM-code für Update: 10A001 (für was der TE das auch immer benötigt...)

Stimmt, hatte ja schon welche vorher drin. Hm keine Ahnung was der mit der SVM will, braucht er eigentlich nicht.

SVM geht doch nur online soweit mir bekannt.

Themenstarteram 16. Juni 2017 um 23:17

Thank you. I will try the SVM 10A001 in order to update Park assist firmware to 8K0 919 475 R 0070.

Checked the optical illustration is on I tried both back up camera on and off, there is no difference.

Correct the graphic sensors are already enabled. The reason is different which I will explain below.

I have retrofitted a back up camera but the graphics radar sensors do not show up on the screen (camera interface shows a small car with graphical sensor distance but visual radar distance sensors do not work, parking sound works) though radar is supported on Manufacturing Year 2013-2016 Audi Q5. So why visual radar distance sensors do not work on MY 2009-2012 Q5s??? I need to find out if there is solution to this problem. Reverse camera, dynamic lines, and distance lines work.

I will try the firmware just in case this solves the problem Otherwise I might need a new gateway module from 2013 or maybe a 2009-2012 gateway with extended CAN support???

Maybe you have some knowledge how I can fix the issue???

I need the SVM to update at my dealer on line, who failed to find this information I requested.

I will have the SVM applied at my next appointment visit to the dealer, where I will change comfort unit and purchase the advance key in order to enable keyless entry and keyless start button.

1. go to module 19

2. Verbauliste

3. activate 6C - Rückfahrkamera

4. go to module 5F

5. CODING -> long coding helper -> Byte 7 -> activate Bit 1

Your dealer need to calibrate the camera.

Themenstarteram 17. Juni 2017 um 8:44

My camera interface is RS-1103 for Radio Concert non-MMi. (aftermarket)

I tried the above and I could not enable 6C in gateway. (error in communication)

What is confirmed is that for the same interface, Radar proximity sensors work/display in facelift Q5 screen (non-mmi).

Themenstarteram 17. Juni 2017 um 8:53

Also I don't have 5F control module. Can I add this?? I believe it is not included with non-mmi (radio concert).

you don't have a MMI3G (5F is MMI3G)

error in communication---> you need to calibrate your camera


Coding backup camera

?0x0xxx: Manufacturer

1 = Audi

x0?0xxx: Trailer & Parking System

+1 = Trailer Hitch installed

+2 = Optical Parking System installed

x0x0?xx: Camera Height

0 = Camera Height 1

1 = Camera Height 2

2 = Camera Height 3

3 = Camera Height 4

4 = Camera Height 5

5 = Camera Height 6

6 = Camera Height 7

7 = Camera Height 8

x0x0x??: Model

01 = Audi Q7 (4L)

02 = Audi A8 (4E) Short Wheel Base

03 = Audi A8 (4E) Long Wheel Base

04 = Audi A6 (4F) Sedan / Rest of World (RoW)

05 = Audi A6 (4F) Wagon/Avant

06 = Audi A4 (8K) Sedan

08 = Audi A5 (8T) Coupé

12 = Audi R8 (42)

14 = Audi A6 (4F) Sedan / China (CHN)

Security Access

22351 = Adaptation Enabling (e.g. Back-Up Camera Calibration)

Special Procedures

Back-Up Camera Calibration

After performing service work, the calibration has to be performed too. In detail this is the case after:

Removing and Installing Rear View Camera (R189)

Replacing Rear View Camera System Control Module (J772)

after repair work performed on rear lid following an accident

after a vehicle alignment

after performing a repair at front or rear axle


Calibration Device (VAS 6350) and Distance Laser (VAS 6350/2) positioned as described in the factory repair manual.

Vehicle must be standing on a firm and even surface.

Make sure no persons are being/working in/on the vehicle while performing the calibration.

Do not move the vehicle and do not operate the vehicle doors while performing the calibration.

Rear Lid must be closed.

Front Wheels straight, Steering Angle Sensor (G85) close to 0.0 °.

Ignition must be ON, Engine must NOT be running, you may connect a charger to keep the system voltage up.

Back-Up Camera active and the MMI shows Back-Up Camera Video Signal.

Make sure you do NOT have light reflections on the Calibration Device (VAS 6350).

For vehicles with Level Control, set the Hight to automatic.


[6C - Back-Up Camera]

[Security Access - 16]

Enter 22351, to enable the adaptation.

[Adaptation - 10]

Channel 005


500 mm is the basis value of channel 005. Measure the heights between the Calibration Device (VAS 6350) and the surface (e.g. 80 mm), add 500 mm to it and enter the final value as new value (e.g. 500 + 80 = 580 mm).



Channel 004


20000 mm is the basis value of channel 004, 3002 mm (wheelbase for Audi Q7 (4L)). Measure the Distance between the Calibration Device (VAS 6350) and the rear axle (e.g. 1500 mm), and subtract it from 20000 mm minus 3002 mm enter the final value as new value (e.g. 20000 - 3002 - 1500 = 15498 mm).



Channel 001


To save your above adaptation save a new value of 1 to channel 001.



[Done, Go Back]

Now double check the calibration status.

[Meas. Blocks - 08]

Block 130


Block 130 Field 3 (Calibration Status)

Specification: 0x0000 (Calibration Successful)

[Done, Go Back]

[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]

this runs only with the original Audi camera, if you buyed an aftermarket camera this will not work...

Themenstarteram 17. Juni 2017 um 9:50

Thanks for the information. Is there an original back up camera interface for Audi Q5 non-mmi prefacelift??

Here some pics for a tool to calibrate (dealership has it)

You have MMI2G:

1. go to module 07 (Anzeigeeinheit) auswählen

2. STG Anpassung -> Funktion 10

3. channel 8

4. set to: 1

(hidden menu)

to enter hidden menu press and hold (setup + car)

on facelift (car + menu)

but again, only works if original

coding link


@vwghost: das Darstellen der Calibrierung ist für den TE uninteressant, er hat eine aftermarket Camera (RS-1103) in Verbindung mit Radio Concert.

Original gibt es da nix zum Nachrüsten und ich denke auch nicht, dass dort das Update des PDC-Steuergerätes hilft...

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