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Themenstarteram 25. November 2007 um 20:23

Also ich bin ja nie für die direkten Vergleiche a la "kopiert von..",aber das:

Quelle(Bild+Text):, falls jemanden den Bericht dazu interessiert:

Roewe 550's interior caught on camera!

There's something vaguely BMW-esque about the curve of this dashboard... And the steering wheel is an almost unchanged RDX60 carry-over.

Shanghai's Roewe 550 is shaping up to be very exciting car for the Chinese motor industry, and something of a watershed product. It appears contemporary beyond the flagship 750-Series, which is heavily based on an abandoned facelift proposal of the Rover 75 and MG ZT. We've already seen the exterior, which owes plenty to the RDX60 programme, but thanks to a quick camera'd enthusiast in China, we've had a chance to see what delights await us inside.

As can be seen from the accompanying images, there's something of contemporary Germany about the interior, with BMW style dashboard architecture, and a control system that looks similar to Audi's excellent MMI interface. Gone is the watered-down gentleman's club of its larger brother, and in comes a Teutonically clinical look. The shifter for the automatic gearbox appears to hold no surprises - and it looks like SAIC is bypassing the now-popular steering wheel mounted selector.

It looks good, but the big question remains - will the quality be there? We'll see soon enough...



irgendwie ist saic schon dreist: der name/das logo des "neuen" automobilherstellers und jetzt noch dieser mir völlig neue innenraum...*g*

Beste Antwort im Thema
am 31. Mai 2008 um 18:23


Ja, der Roewe 550 könte den Deutschen/Europäern wieder das zu unrecht verlorene Vertrauen in Chinesische Autos zurückgeben.

Wenn der Wagen hier landet, wird das sicher ein günstiger und gut aussehender Überraschungshit. Relativ gesehen natürlich.


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31 Antworten

Der MG5 (Roewe 550) wurde bereits in Chile veröffentlicht:

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