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Post in English, sorry!

Themenstarteram 22. November 2005 um 20:49

Hello. I know this is a German web page, but I figured that maybe a few of you know English. I would like an opinion on the Honda Shadow VLX VT600c motorcycle. What I mean is, what do you Germans think of it? The styling, etc...I love it personally. I'm asking because I'm a huge fan of the whole motorcycling scene over there and would love to travel over there and ride with some of you someday :). Below is a very bad translation of this into German. Sorry, I had to use a free online translator. I need to learn German ;).


Hallo. Ich weiß, dass das eine deutsche Webseite ist, aber ich glaubte, dass vielleicht einige von Ihnen Englisch kennen. Ich möchte eine Meinung auf dem Honda Schatten VLX VT600c Motorrad. Was ich meine, ist, was tut Sie, denken Deutsche daran? Die Formgebung, usw... Ich liebe es persönlich. Ich frage, weil ich ein riesiger Anhänger der ganzen motorcycling Szene da drüben bin und lieben würde, da drüben und Fahrt mit einigen von Ihnen eines Tages zu reisen:)

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first of all welcome on Motor-Talk.

These automatic translators are really not the best, but I think you don't need to translate your text because most of us understand English very well.

What do you mean with "overthere" ? Do you live in the United Kingdom or in the United States?

Themenstarteram 22. November 2005 um 21:38

Yeah, I figured most of you understand English. I'm in the United States, Michigan to be exact. Thanks for the reply ;)


One of my friends drives a Honda Shadow VLX VT600c in matt black with many chrome and gold parts. I think it looks very beautiful although im not a fan of this kind of motorcycles :) !

Is this motorcycle very popular in the USA ? I only know the "american" bike scene from TV (Orange County Choppers).

Themenstarteram 22. November 2005 um 21:50

heres a picture of my motorcycle. I have a windscreen on there now though, it helps with touring. I also have a pair of "universal fit" saddle bags. Heres some background information on me....I got into motorcycles because of my moped lol. I have a 1980 Sachs Gruppe Prima. Its 50cc. I love that thing to death, its so much fun to ride even when I have a motorcycle. So, then the next step was to go out and buy a real motorcycle. I went down to my local powersports dealer and bought myself that Shadow you see in the picture. Its a 1996, in pretty good shape. I paid about $3,000 U.S. for it. So far its been a great little motorcycle. It gave me no complaints on my last 500 mile round trip from my home town of Milan to Interlochen, Michigan. See...I want to know what Germans think of that particular bike because sometimes I get a bit self conscious about it, like, well I dont think its necessarily a "biker" looking motorcycle, but I also would like to think its got a sporty feel to it. I'm looking at getting a BMW-650GS in the next few years. I'd love to get a Sachs Roadster 650, but they don't sell Sachs in the U.S. anymore. So, let me know what your opinion is. I appreciate it! (by the way, the vehicle in the background is my Econoline-150 van)

Themenstarteram 22. November 2005 um 21:52

this particular style is popular here in the US, we consider it the "standard-cruiser" style. You dont see many "Enduro" style as you probably do over there. As far as the Orange Country Chopper bikes, I do not like those at all! "Choppers" just dont appeal to me.


I drive a VT 600c on my own. I bought it only a few month ago, but I already love it. Easy to drive and very beautiful.

Take a look at the picture and you know why...

At most I like these straight handle bars. They make the bike more agressive and stylish.


When you're in germany just give me a call and we'll have a nice day on the streets...




And always remember: The best bikes are BLACK!

Themenstarteram 23. November 2005 um 15:50

nice shadow :). wow, I thought I wanted to visit Germany before, now I have got to!! Not sure how, but I'm going to try my hardest ;). thanks for the reply.

I think you won't see so many motorcycles like your Honda Shadow VLX VT600c. I don't know how old you are, but the younger people like faste motorcycles-racing bikes or naked bikes. But there are a lot of older people driving choppers.


Original geschrieben von ollizx

But there are a lot of older people driving choppers.

As I understood, the threat starter is looking for cruiser bikes, not for choppers...;)

Hi there.

But...not to forget. The VT 600 in germany is considered a chopper. In fact it was marketed as one.

A cruiser in europe is a stretched-frame affair, featurering fat tires front/rear and fenders according to. Some talk about this kind of bike as; "Old-School"

A VT 600 cafe-racer i think, would look something like a HD Nighttrain.

Imagine a sporty touch and a laquer finish like a Brough- Superior SS 100.

May be i should go into my garage and start right away.

By the way Chris: Welcome aboard!



Themenstarteram 26. November 2005 um 21:37

I'm 19, and personally I can see the allure to the faster, "sport" bikes as we call them. But, I'm a fan of riding long distances, and those bikes are horribly uncomfortable after awhile. I'm very satisfied with the handling of my bike though, you can really throw it into turns without worrying about anything. Wow I didn't know that the VLX was considered a chopper in Germany! I know Honda says that it was classic chopper inspired, but over here by no means is it a chopper...its the standard cruiser. Its interesting how things change from culture to culture :-). I can see how Germans would consider it a chopper though. Correct me if I am wrong, but most of the motorcycles over there are etiher the sport bikes or the "enduro" style (like the BMW 650GS). As far as the cafe racer concept goes, does anyone have a picture of the "HD Nighttrain". Thanks!

You're right.

What about the USA.

When I get my driving licence with 18 years,

do I have to choke (hope it's the right word)

my bike? Is there a limitation of the bike's power?

And I'd like to know about the youth of the USA.

Are there many younger motorcyclists?

Themenstarteram 28. November 2005 um 3:13

I think I know what you mean, and the only restriction to how powerful of a motorcycle you can ride here is if you can afford the insurance. For instance, a sport bike is much harder and more expensive to insure if you are a younger rider. The type of bike I ride was very cheap to insure. This is because its a much slower bike than the equivalent engine size of a sport bike. My bike is has a 600 cubic centimeter engine, which will propel it up to 100 miles per hour. A sport bike with the same engine will do 150 miles per hour. The insurance companies also look at the accident statistics, and theres a huge difference between fatalities on sport bikes versus "cruisers" such as I have. SO, as far as in Germany, I have no idea if theres a limit to the power of the motorcycle you ride, but I would strongly suggest you don't go for anything too powerful for your own safety. I think you meant "restrict" instead of choke but I know what you meant. In the US, most of the younger motorcyclists ride the sport bikes, mostly because they think they are cool on them. I personally do not like them that much, they aren't comfortable in my opinion. And what am I going to do with 1000cc? I'm just fine with 600 doing 70 miles per hour on the highways here (generally, the speed limit on the highway is 70, ocassionally 75). If you have any questions feel free to ask :).

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