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Cold start endless cranking

Audi A6 C8/4K

Hello, I've been having some serious start-up issues lately.

Hope you won't kick me for writing in English, but sadly English communities are not that popular with TDI engines.

I really hope someone is familiar with this kind of issue, my searches have come up without any good result so far.


No errors about it with VCDS.


Cold starts have a seemingly endless crank. Have not dared to wait longer than 7 seconds.

Quickly pressing Start button to stop the crank and then pressing Start again rather instantly starts the car without issues.

Can gently smell some burnt smells (diesel perhaps, unsure) after startup.

Sometimes the initial start is ok then driving for <1km and stopping for a quick shop trip will have a starter going at it again for ~3seconds.

There are days where there are no issues, but issues seem to become more frequent by a day. Not sure why, perhaps because of colder weather.

Done some warranty/callback works such as Fuel Pump (had buzzing noise) and Starter motor (callback).

Car has warranty, and yet not diagnosed what is the issue. (31k km now)

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This beviour is not normal and must be repaired on guarantee, I think.

Did your dealer check the warm-up candles? In the old days diesel engines behaved like that when the warm-up phase was not long enough. They couldn't be started at all without warm-up.

I took car to dealer day before for them to do proper cold start. In the morning they tried startup.

It started up fine then, and they did not do any further check ups so they just continued with 30k maintenance job instead. Video seemingly is not enough for them.

I have now sent another request to them, hopefully in January I can get further information about it.

As the previous speaker wrote, the behaviour is not normal. Maybe your car was a demonstration or showroom car, because the first second you press the start button, the starter seems to turn just barely. Or maybe the battery voltage is too low. The simplest method would be to charge the battery once or to measure the battery voltage with the ignition switched on. Maybe that will already tell you something.


Otherwise, persevere and ask the Audi workshop to rectify the problem.


Good wishes and a Happy New Year.



Had a similar issue years back. Fuel injection system was congested. All kinds of very strange, non-repeateable phenomenons caused by that. Became even more worse with temperature going down. Would ask your dealer to consider this and checking the injection system for any clogging. I used "standard" Diesel until then but was recommended to refuel high-quality Diesel (e.g. V-Power) only, especially when it is getting colder outside. I have done so since and had no issues any more.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

My 40Tdi has the same problem and is currently in the workshop. A fault code has not been saved, the first assumption is that the fuel pump that was replaced in November is not working properly.

Themenstarteram 5. Januar 2021 um 13:56

Interesting! I had this issue start after fuel pump replacement as well. Perhaps we are few of the unlucky where fuel pressure is being lost due to unknown circumstances/bad replacement by mechanic?

Themenstarteram 20. Januar 2021 um 14:10

Quick summary of the resolutions.

As this car was bought from a german autoplatz, who bought it from auction off (multiple same speced cars. Most likely demo/presentation).

It seems at one point someone had changed OEM battery to cheap chinese one also with lower ah than needed for the car. 300 eur for new oem battery and hopefully issues are resolved for me.

Tom's issue was resolved by dealer by pump software correction.

Themenstarteram 29. Juni 2021 um 14:15

Quick update.

After battery change it happened straight next week, called to local Audi dealer about it to inform. (In january)

After that this issue has not happened until this weekend, after Fridays long drive of total 600km, I parked car infront of the house. Next day morning car kind of started and died instantly, second start car started empty cranking, plugged in obd11 cable and no errors visible. Tried third time same endless cranks. No bangs or pops, no errors, nothing just sounding as no fuel is being provided for engine. (Same as earlier vids)

Monday I called Audi to inform of the issue and car was hitched to their place. (Before hitching, I tried last time and no start).

Tuesday morning Audi supposedly started car from first try as if nothing was wrong.

This seems like a disaster waiting to happen, considering I was planning to visit another country with the car.

P.S all the googly eyes of neighbors having my 2y old car being towed is not nice haha.

Currently hypothesis is still something to do with fuel pump, as it was changed under warranty due to it buzzing too loud.

My warranty ended few months back, and car is at 42000 km.

Themenstarteram 7. Juli 2021 um 18:39

Fuel pump was changed, hopefully for the last time.

Themenstarteram 23. Januar 2022 um 17:08

Anyone new having this issue? I've heard of 2021y 40tdi having this issue.

Wonder if it's now a known issue by Audi or it's still a random lottery for whoever gets this issue?

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