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problems with smart 451 cdi help me

Smart Fortwo 451
Themenstarteram 17. März 2021 um 11:02

hi i own a smart 451 cdi and i noticed that when i start to drive a fan turns on the strange thing and that as i slow down and brake it goes off you can tell me what it is thanks

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What I would recommend is to check air in the motor cooling system

I had similar problem with petrol engine: The system does not bleed itself. You have to

1) fill up cooling water in the front

2) remove a pipe at the zylinder head to get out the air.

Please try this or let have it done immediately.


@Raf1989 schrieb am 17. März 2021 um 11:02:51 Uhr:

i noticed that when i start to drive a fan turns on

Sorry für my bad English. :)

Can you determine which fan it is?

Is it only the noise of a fan or are you sure it is one?

In the engine compartment you find a blower at the intercooler unit.

This Intercooler is placed between the Turbo and air intake bridge for the cooling of the intake air.

And in the front of the Smart ist the fan für the coolant of the engine.

This fan is also activated in combination with the air conditioning.

Which building year ist the smart?

Where do you come from?




Themenstarteram 17. März 2021 um 16:50

hello thanks for answering me. however it is a smart pulse cdi from 2012 and this fan noise comes from the front of the car and turns on the moment I start driving without activating any conditioned air or anything. however I come from Italy and I thank you again for the help. then when it comes to linglesle there is no problem because I tell you the truth will also be my bad one because I used google translate

Themenstarteram 17. März 2021 um 17:04

Thank you very Ferkel8206 much I will immediately

I don't think the temperature of the engine ist high enough to start this blower.

But i think there ist another possibility to start the blower although the engine ist still cold an the air condition ist not activated.

Obviosly is the Exhaust Gas Cleaning System in the regenaration Phase of the particulate Filter able to start the blower of the cooling System.

When you look in this Thread, you can see there is the same Problem that you describe.

At first no one can understand, why the blower starts with cold engine and deactivated air condition.

But Maxpower, an absolute specialist for Smart, he worked over ten years in a service Center of Smart, wrote in his last posting in this Thread, that the Blower will also activated, wenn the regeneration Phase ist active over 15 km/h to relieve the cooling system at this time.

Maybe in your case it is the same Reason.

Themenstarteram 17. März 2021 um 17:49

mirsamir thank you

Themenstarteram 18. März 2021 um 21:22

hello can you give me some advice to make a good regeneration of the fap thanks

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