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Budy club Spec IV

Themenstarteram 14. Februar 2006 um 12:37


I'm french and I looking to order a buddy club Spec IV for my EP3 Civic type R.

Do you know where I can find this in Germany ??

Thank you

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Original geschrieben von WildCatHendrix

All BC System are loud,...

true. They are all loud.

You cant suppress enough noise with that little muffler.

You would need to get an exhaust with a bigger muffler or at least some kind of resonator in the middle of the midpipe.

Finde die Prospec auch cool aber ich hasse alles was im Leerlauf dröhnt. Damit kann ich mich ja nirgendwo blicken lassen ;-)

Serie rockt!


Hast recht, sonst kann man über mehrere Stunden die Musik nicht laufen lassen ;)

Da würde das schon sehr Nerven haha.

Does the Pro Spec fit 100% I thought it was mainly for the US market and would need to be modified afaik.


Serie rockt!

shocked !!!!


Original geschrieben von Tralien

shocked !!!!

Man(n) lernt nie aus ;)

I think the Prospec was made for the japanese market same as the SpecIV Andre.


Original geschrieben von DOMCTR

I think the Prospec was made for the japanese market same as the SpecIV Andre.

from what ive heard the BC spec 3 is for the jap market and the pro spec for the US market.

the BC spec 3 doesnt fit without mods onto the EP si.

the ProSpec fits.

Unit 8 or whoever it was makes the ProSepc custom fit for JDM/EDM fit, except they now do it from the factory.

Maybe thats the reason for the 11weeks delivery time.


I think youre right! ;)

Themenstarteram 16. Februar 2006 um 13:20

have a look, it's not so loud driving slowly :

but if you run faster it makes a nice sound !

No exhaust is loud driving slow ;)

A video is never a showcase of what something sounds like.

Just buy a USDM version, if there is one, and isntall that.

I doubt that will take 11 weeks :)

Although Buddy Club is a PAIN IN THE ASS to deal with. Ask me how i know :(

As said, I might be able to help you get one quicker than that.

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