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Vectra problem (X20DTH) : P0725, P1335, P0400 (drehzahl zahler kaputt?)

Eelco Eelco




First of all: Happy new year!


Recently I've a problem with my Vectra 2.0 DTI 16V, X20DTH. When driving for a while (15-45 minutes), the 'motorelektronik' light swithes on and the motor starts running in 'notprogramm'. The revolutions counter drops to zero and stays zero. After turning off the car and waiting several hours the car seems okay again, but the problems start over again after a while.


The error codes the motor gives are: P0725, P1335 and P0400. Does anybody has an idea what could be wrong and be done about it? It seems there's a problem with the revolutions counter sensor. Can i in some way check it myself? (where is it?)


I hope anybody can help me. Cheers,



(p.s. reply in german is okay for me if preferred)

vectraA20i vectraA20i



ist das nur ein scherz oder kannst du wirklich kein deutsch?:)


are you sure it takes several houres after turning off the engine? please check if the revolution count after stop and directy start again the motor. and what happen then with the control signal now?

and where do vou have the error codes from???





Eelco Eelco


Trust me, you wouldn't understand my written german :-)


When turning off the engine and wait for several minutes, the control light is still on and the revolutions counter still shows zero. It's only after waiting (i don't know the minimum time) a longer time that the control light is off and the revolutions counter functions normal again. Maybe some temperature related problem?


I got the error codes read at an opel dealer. They didn't see immediately what was wrong. But before I let them spend hours (and plenty of euros) searching the problem, i try to see if someone is familiar with the problem or can help me.



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