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Help! Find Fahzerbreif from 1987 ? ? ?

Help! Find Fahzerbreif from 1987 ? ? ?

MrHope MrHope




My 300GD Geländewagen passenger car was imported to sweden 1987 and in sweden it was registrated as "Light truck" = low tax, but no passengers


and now i want to change to "Passenger car" so i can use backseat.


But sweden´s AutoTest wants copy of german Fahzerbreif to make sure it has been a passenger car.



My car was sold new by Mercedes Benz Dealer in Augsburg in Germany.

And exported to sweden 1987 (i think from bremen, but not sure)


How do i do to get a copy of the old Fahzerbreif ?

does the have any old archive in germany ?


The vin number of my car is:



My german is wery bad so i write in english!


Please help!!

Johannes51187 Johannes51187

Since your enquire dates back to Feb 2013, have you been able to solve this problem by now?


If not, it might be useful to get in touch with local Merc dealer in Sweden (cf. www.mercedes-benz.se) and ask for further advice. I think it would be necessary to do so in person not just by e-mail; i.e. to verify your legitimate interest in this matter.


I'm not sure if the original document (the Fahrzeugbrief) was sent back to Germany and filed or if it was kept by some Swedish authority (sorry, I'm not familiar with Swedish registration formalities). If kept, re-registering your car should be no problem. If not, your local dealer might be able to trace back your car and ask for necessary information on your car or re-print the registration document.


Anyway, I would recommend you get in touch with Merc and ask for advice.

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