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Mercedes E-Klasse W210:

E290DT Problem

E290DT Problem

Oldtimer123 Oldtimer123


Hello, I'm Oldtimer from France. I'm sorry but I don't speak deucth. I like old mercedes. I have a 1981 W123 200 M102. It's very good car and I like drive it. I had a 1989 W124 300 TD automatic, but I sold it ..... and now a W210.


So, I have a problem with my Mercedes E290 DT (W210 017) 1998. When I start it (cold start), I have all the power of the engine. After approximatively 20 km and when liquid coolant temperature is about 85°C then the power of the engine shut.


The engine is in limp mode. It can not exceed 3000 rpm. There is no message like EPC Default on the panel. If I stop the engine and run it a new time then there is all the power for a few kilometers (1 or 2 kilometers).

If I stop a long time and the liquid coolant temperature shut down then when I retsart there is all the power. So when temperature is about 85°C then the problem become.


I used a carsoft to read the default. There is only one default like P1351 : start delivery control circuit.


The engine start very easly, the iddle is very stable, there is no smoke.


I try to change the advance electro-valve on the pump but without success. The resistance of the old one was ok (14,5 Ohms).


I test the connections between ECU and pump and all is good. The resistances values beetwen the pins connectors are ok


The cranckshaft sensor is ok, the resistance value is about 1100 Ohms.


Anybody can help me ?


Thank's for your help !


Sorry I don't know the english term, bu t I suppose 'Luftmassenmesser'

austriabenz austriabenz



I think, the air mass meter (mass air flow meter) is faulty. This part is often responsible for poor engine performance and engine operation. Used Mercedes or Bosch spare parts, other parts are not reliable.

bonscott1 bonscott1


I also think you have to spend a new


air mass flow meter

(air mass sensor)




as austria benz wrote.... from Mercedes or Bosch

Oldtimer123 Oldtimer123


Thank's for yours answers !


The Mass air flow (or Luftmassenmesser, I start to learn deutch ! ; - ) ) had been changed 10 000 kms ago. It's a Bosch part.


The default code is always P1351 : Start delivery control loop. The default is about the advance injection control on the pump. The ECU take the start injection information from the pilot injector (n°1) and compare it to the time value from the cranckshaft sensor.


So I test the pilot injector, the resistance value is 100 Ohm when motor is cold and 126 Ohm when motor is warm and I think it's good.


The ECU determinate the start injection and controle it by the advance elctro-valve action on the pump.


So I try to find the relation beetwen the liquid coolant temperature and the P1351 default about the advance injection. I find a diagram about the advance evolution in degrees on rpm motor and gas pedal charge but there is no indication for temperature.


I think that the injection advance is reduced when motor is warm and increase when motor is cold.

My problem is always when the liquide coolant temperature is about 85°C. Any body can give me the injection motor diagram ?


So I think that the pump (by the ECU instructions) is able to increase advance (cold motor) but anable to decrease advance when motor is warm. So, the pilot injector information is not agree with cranckshaft sensor and the ECU work in limp mode.....


I have no information on panel like "EPC default". So I think all electronics sensors are ok (resistances values and voltage are ok). May be, it's a mechanical problem on the pump ?


Do you know if the timing-device piston (mechanical advance control adjust by the elecro-valve) is delicate on this pump type ?


There is a spring on timing-device piston, is it breakable ?


Do you know what are the instructions given by WIS logiciel for a P1351 default ?


I expect my explanations are clear and I thank you for your long-suffering to read me in english !

austriabenz austriabenz


E290DT Problem

Error code P1351:

Motor is in emergency mode and has poor performance, EDC pilot light is burning.

Perhaps blistering occurs in the fuel at high engine temperature

Cause: Leaks in the fuel low-pressure area

Repair: Stop leak and bleed the system

Oldtimer123 Oldtimer123


Hello Austriabenz,

thank's for your answer.


EDC light pilot is systematically burning with P1351 default code ? because in my situation there is not light burning on the panel.


I don't see any bubble in the pipe beetwen filter and pump warm motor or cold motor.

austriabenz austriabenz


not at idle, but when driving need more fuel and then there's air bubbles, or fuel is not enough. Sorry, I have no more idea. Maybe someone else can help.:rolleyes:

bistar bistar

I would suggest, that the failure is located at the fuel injection

pump (leaky)

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Mercedes E-Klasse W210: E290DT Problem
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